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THE RAINBOW WEAVER was written by a mother and daughter author and illustrator team...


ONCE UPON A TIME...   There was a little seven year old girl who was unable to fall asleep. So Tippi Hanson crawled into bed to be next to her mother, Lyndsay. 

Lyndsay had painted her first illustration that morning - three fairies climbing into a tree - and hoping her babe would drift off to sleep,  asked her to come up with a story to go with the painting.

Tippi thought about the picture of the sprites, and suggested they were chasing a wicked hobgoblin who had stolen a magic cloak.  Sleepily, Lyndsay asked her what was the most magical thing a cloak could be made from?  Tippi replied, "How about the thread... of a rainbow?" At which point, her mother  fully woke up!  Tippi continued with her tale, and the story   caused the hairs on her mother's arm to stand on end with the thrill.  The following day she started work on the illustrations and text with her daughter at her side.





A picture book from Oldcastle Books The Rainbow Weaver is for children and adults who love and want stories with beautiful pictures.  As well greatly appealing to children aged 4-10 years, it's also popular with youngsters who feel a little daunted by the step-up to novels.

It has been uniquely designed to be easily  read in different character voices. The speech typography changes according to the person that is talking - ideal for reading as a play, in groups or in the classroom.

A strong moral tale with a charming twist at the end, The Rainbow Weaver, is  traditional at heart, yet stylishly contemporary  - it pleases kids,  parents and grandparents.

Published by Oldcastlebooks ( The book is stunningly produced in the highest quality paper, offering value for money at 42 pages long

Published by OLDCASTLE BOOKS - how the book was created


Lyndsay is an artist and a photographer who lives in Kingston.    Many say her only child, Tippi, is so creative she's 'away with the fairies?!  We thought so, and commissioned the story for publication as soon as we met Lyndsay and Tippi.

As described above, Tippi started spinning an exceptionally magical story when gently prompted by Lyndsay. 

They share a very close bond- (which her mother suspects will be broken when Tippi grows up and sues her over who owns the rights to the book!)  Meanwhile the hard copies have sold in both the United Kingdom and internationally.  The Royal Academy Of Music have  work-shopped the book, and it has been performed as a story telling play in Borders book stores and the Culture Cafe of The Rose Theatre, Kingston.

              The Rainbow Weaver    

SYNOPSIS Copyright 29/01/05         by Lyndsay and Tippi Hanson


Looking out of the window, Tillie is mystified.  She sees a radiant Rainbow - but strangely, one side ends short, trailing off in mid-air.  It gets even shorter.
Intrigued, she follows the arc to the edge of the enchanted wood.  Here, she discovers the Hobgoblin King is stealing the rainbow's multi-coloured thread and weaving it into a dazzling, long cloak - a cloak with dangerous magical powers.  He sees her...

Tillie runs away, saved by Skylight, Sunburst and Raindance - the three Sprites who make rainbows.  They beg Tillie's help to find out what 'Hecatey the Hideous' - King of the Hobgoblins is secretly up to, and where he hides. 
Bravely going back to spy on him, Tillie is shocked at the truth.   When the evil hobgoblin wears the cloak, it sucks the colour out of whatever it passes - trees, birds, animals, flowers - turning everything grey and drab - except for the King in the rainbow robe, who looks more and more magnificent as it soaks in the colour. 
        His plan is vain and selfish. By making the world a ghostly cold and colourless place, he will become the most magnificent sight in all the land.
Tillie follows Hecatey to his secret cave, hidden under a tree stump.  The Sprites then sneak in whilst he?s having a nap?take the thread from the end of the cloak and tie it back to the thread at end of the disappearing Rainbow.

Then it's Tillie's turn.  She wakes Hecatey up, and dares him to chase her.  Furious, he dashes after her through the forest - unaware he's unravelling the cloak as he runs.  When he finally realises he's been tricked, he races in circles - exploding in rage like a giant Catherine Wheel firework. 
As he spins high into the sky, all the stolen colours shoot down to earth and seep back. In an ironic, moral twist, the wicked King of the Hobgoblins finally gets his wish...
People below look up amazed, and for one brief moment, 'Hecatey the Hideous' truly is the most magnificent sight in all the land.


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